Stay healthy and above water! I am sure you all have had time to get somewhat used to the special circumstances around the virus coming from a place that must not be named. So I am not going to regurgitate all the tangent information here. However, as an instrument provider, we see that businesses are again starting to invest in new machines, and ask for on-site support. As businesses are getting back into the swing of things, remember that there will be a backlog for services and parts et al. So if you foresee a need for services or parts, better get a PO to your vendors asap, to be one of the first, and not one of the last ones serviced.

Also, while your management will have published special rules how to act now, be sure you follow those rules! Not only for your own sake, but you do not want to get into a position to defend yourself, if a litigation wave follows.

Our Section will is planning a zoom conference for our members. If you have suggestions for topics to be covered, please send us a note under “contact”. Thank you … hope to see you soon again!

Report – March 2020

Dear SPE members,

Thanks to you, we are one of the strongest local groups in the USA with over 200 members! It is our diversity in background that makes it possible to widen our horizons. When we meet and introduce ourselves, we network! This not only helps to promote you and your company as a brand, but helps all the others to learn about a valuable resource available in their immediate back yard. For sales and technical personnel, it is a must to participate, to learn what others are doing, where the trends move to and what the industry as a whole is doing. We welcome you to our meetings, we invite you to participate, to be active and if you are not, to at least send me a note what we can do to make it worth your while. In order to streamline our efforts and use SPE’s HQ resources, we have moved our website over to their microsite to give it a clean, fresh look and to make sure we are all up to date with the new green logo of SPE 🙂

Best regards,

Tim Haake