The Beaumont Family of Companies exists with one mission: to revolutionize the plastic injection molding industry. We have earned our reputation as an industry leader and innovator by challenging accepted industry standards and questioning everything in plastic flow, mold design, and the injection molding process.

Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, we are a full service partner for companies involved in the development and/or manufacture of plastic injection molded products. For More information, please call

Matt Piatek 724-714-7758  mpiatek@beaumontinc.com

Our product portfolio covers a wide range of instruments for rheological testing solutions. With multiple application possibilities for material testing, we focus on capillary rheometers for the plastics industry and on rubber rheometers.
Measuring the viscosity is the standard measurand to characterize materials in terms of their flow behaviour. The product portfolio of GOETTFERT is covering material testing instruments for thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers.

Tim Haake 803-324-3883         Tim@goettfert.com

Progressive Components is an American-owned, independently operated developer and distributor of componentry and software for the injection mold industry. Off-the-shelf standards and exclusive innovations are provided via a network of direct and regional distributors throughout North America, Asia and Europe.  

Colleen Kutinac 704-607-1022 colleen.kutinac@procomps.com

Syracuse Plastics is a full service injection molder and contract manufacturer of precision components and assemblies.   A core competency at Syracuse Plastics is Product/Process Development, which is one of the most critical steps in the product lifecycle.

Durwood Williams. 919-467-5151. dwilliams@syrplasnc.com

Chroma Color Corporation offers a broad range of color solutions used in a wide variety of products including; wire & cable, packaging, building & construction, consumer, medical/ healthcare, lawn & garden, durables, sanitation, recreation & leisure, transportation and more. All of our facilities meet the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Eric Kalis  704-607-1022 ekalis@chromacolors.com

PolyOne is in the business of innovation. Explore how we can help you craft your next great solution using our groundbreaking technologies.  

Erin Dimmagio 704-314-5511 erin.dimmagio@polyone.com

A Niche distributor / broker that covers the East of the Mississippi River, we are also involved in making color concentrates and compounded colors as well as other filled type products using talc, calcium and glass fillers. We also handle compounding of products with other additives such as UV, slip, anti-static and FR packages. We handle everything from commodity resins to engineering resins and we work with customers whose needs range from 1 bag to truckload quantities.

John M. Champlin
Phone: 919-422-4249

We are Distributors with laser customer focus and unmatched import expertise.We are Consultants who bring the latest technical knowledge and support to the field. We are Entrepreneurs driven by innovative spirit and empowered to do the right thing, every time. We are problem solvers!

Gregg Newby 843-459-0289 gnewby@polysource.net

M. Holland was founded in 1950 by Marvin Holland, as a compounder and evelved into a full service stocking distributor. Based on principles of integrity, honesty, commitment and service, M. Holland strives for excellence in all its endeavors.

Scott Hirsch 803-645-1750

Color Master Inc. was founded in 1991 with a commitment to serve the plastics industry by producing quality custom color concentrates at the lowest possible price with the fastest possible turnaround times. Our utilization of state-of-the-art technology ensures that we’re honoring that commitment today. At Color Master, we use the highest shear compounding equipment available and ship all our Colorant orders in one week or less, and our PVC Compound in less than two weeks, guaranteed. Our employees take great pride in ensuring that all our orders, no matter the size, meet customer specifications exactly and are completed in a timely manner.

Marty Moore 407-342-7189                marty@color-master.com

Hasco enables their customers to build molds in the easiest possible way – from the idea, to the finished mould. In short – Enabling with System.

Rene Eisenring 877-427-2662 reisenring@hasco.com

A fast, flexible company with an entrepreneurial attitude backed by the largest distribution company in the world.

Provide leading polymer and service-based solutions that accelerate our customers’ growth.

We are a Solutions Company. We will be the most trusted partner by both customers and suppliers for managing their polymer needs and for developing new applications necessary for their successful growth.

Jim Brickley 313-980-2571 jbrickley@amcopolymers.com

Anyone can distribute products from one dock to the next. That’s why at Nexeo Plastics, we think of being a global plastics distributor a bit differently. With a relentless focus on continuous improvement, we go beyond logistics to deliver the type of value-added solutions designed to help you achieve success.

Wayne Simon 704-996-7599 

Two decades ago, we forged new ideas about how to create partnerships – with our customers AND our vendors..  Our master plan – BUILD relationships – so that we can ALL flourish and we could ALL grow and prosper – for years to come.  Not so hard, right?

So-called “mega-distributors” gladly charge you a premium price but offer you little in return… long lead times,  high minimum purchase quantities, poor service, a revolving door of salesmen, lots of red tape, etc etc… sound familiar?

Our team here at Atlantic has over 90+ years of experience in this industry combined.  We go to great lengths to ADD VALUE – not short-cut it. 

Adam Winston 914-277-0125  adam@apolymers.com